Institutional Trading

KLM Holdings’s equity business is driven by a team of consummate professionals with extensive experience in equity sales and trading whose over-arching remit is to ensure that the specific investing requirements of our growth stock clients are met.

We have an intimate knowledge of the securities of the companies we research and the markets on which those securities trade. The sheer depth of the analysis we conduct enables us to offer research and trading knowledge in a manner commensurate with our clients’ needs.

KLM Holdings - Institutional Trading

Here at KLM Holdings, we believe that our institutional investor clients are best served by representatives who are willing and able to go that extra mile in terms of bringing them as close as possible to the companies they’re investing in. We achieve this in a number of ways:

  • Each year, our sales professionals organize dozens of investor roadshow events that bring companies closer to the decision-makers at our institutional investor clients. This gives companies an opportunity to put a human face on the research and the number-crunching our analysts have conducted.
  • We host corporate management teams at a number of formal and informal events at which they can keep our salespeople apprised about developments within the companies they represent.
  • Our highly-qualified and experienced research analysts make a strong, tangible contribution to the overall effort by hosting a number of more intimate marketing events that get companies and investors together.

KLM Holdings clients have access to an institutional sales team that ranks among the most experienced anywhere in the global financial markets. Typically, our salespeople average around 15 years of financial industry experience and, moreover, the relationships they have with their clients have been nurtured and maintained for what, in many cases, is their entire career.

The KLM Holdings equity sales business is comprised of more than 20 professionals who work intimately with hundreds of institutions in Asia and the US. With backgrounds that range from specific knowledge in technology and manufacturing to energy production, mining and fast-moving consumer goods, our salespeople are remarkably adept at distilling complex concepts, business models and profiles of growth companies to a diverse client base of shrewd equity portfolio managers.