Our Professionals


KLM Holdings sales professionals are primarily tasked with delivering our research recommendations and refined industry analysis to the portfolio managers at each of our client institutions. Achieving this objective, demands that each KLM Holdings salesperson to be as good as “interchangeable” with our research analysts as far as their knowledge of the subject company, their understanding of its business and the profile of its stock is concerned.

The sales team’s near-symbiotic working dynamic with KLM Holdings’s traders, sees to it that optimal trading opportunities are communicated to the trading desk in a timeframe that facilitates the most advantageous outcome. We believe that it is this degree of professional account management that distinguishes us from other firms.

At KLM Holdings, our approach is based on the premise that, over time, improved knowledge of the various facets of a particular stock will boost our trading performance over the medium to long-term. With that in mind, we commit extensive financial resources to technologies and methodologies that not only augment our knowledge of the equity markets in general, but also enable us to achieve a deeper understanding of the price action and trading patterns of the particular growth stocks we recommend to our institutional clients.

Our willingness to use our own capital to support our philosophy – basically, “putting our money where our mouths are” – is a key factor in our ability to provide our institutional clients with the caliber of investment performance and customer service they deserve.

KLM Holdings’ seasoned team of listed traders and sales traders make every possible endeavor to unite potential buyers and sellers and fulfill orders in an extensive array of growth stocks, including those listed on the TOPIX, Nikkei 225, Shanghai Composite, NYSE, NASDAQ and various OTC exchanges.KLM Holdings’s sales traders are grouped by industry sector, ensuring that the knowledge and expertise they call on in their activities is highly-pertinent.

KLM Holdings provides dedicated market making functions to a significant number of small and medium- capitalized stocks at a time when many larger firms have become large-cap-only houses. With close to 500 OTC stocks traded, over 220 are closely-covered by our research teams, giving our traders the opportunity to continually improve their knowledge beyond just real-time trading activity.