Our Heritage

KLM Holdings are independent wealth managers and investment advisors that deliver top tier financial services to both retail private clients and corporate institutions.

To our private clients including individuals, families, and charities with in excess of US$200,000 in investable assets, we provide a discretionary investment management service together with a capital advisory investment management service. Full execution-only services are also offered.

To our corporate clientele, insurers, pension funds, and mutual funds, we provide market insight from the most dedicated research, cost-effective execution and a comprehensive list of invaluable investment banking services that include securities lending on most of the world’s exchanges.

KLM Holdings is headquartered in Tokyo, but our clients expand through distant horizons making us a truly global company. We are currently entrusted with looking after over $7.19 billion of assets on behalf of private and corporate clients.

Full Access

Private clients with our company have access to a wide range of investment alternatives that include European, Asian and US based equities, commodities and high-quality fixed income products. We are considered value-based investors and have an established track record of not only building but preserving our clients’ net worth regardless of the market conditions.

We are thoroughly committed to maintaining an investment management firm that is absolutely focused and dedicated to positively improving our clients’ financial position.

Our company has been built on four core principles that continue to serve us and keep us ahead of the competition, acting as the foundation for our professional success.

How We Differ


Since our inception in 2009 and with origins dating back more than 8 years, KLM Holdings is particularly mindful of the needs of high net worth individuals and families. Our track record has stood the test of time and weathered constantly changing market conditions. In recent years, during what has been the most difficult investment environment in generations, we have demonstrated our ability to protect our clients’ capital and we have successfully deployed the expertise necessary to capitalize decisively on opportunities that have presented themselves.

We are an independent, experienced and highly-refined team of investment analysts, portfolio managers and strategists with an indomitable spirit of innovation. Our size makes us accessible but, nevertheless, we command the resources required to invest our clients’ capital on a global scale thanks to a disciplined focus on meticulous investment research and careful risk management.

As independents, we have no obligations or affiliations to or with any other financial institution or bank, nor do we devise products for purposes of distribution or cross-selling. Indeed, our only business objective is to create portfolio solutions that enable our clients to realize their goals and we actively invest our own capital in the same investments that we recommend to our clients.

We increase and protect long-term wealth

We are trusted to deliver a targeted, absolute rate of return on investment while preserving capital. Ethically, we consider this trust to be critical to our business and adopt a highly-disciplined approach to investing with high-level risk management controls.

We align our interests with those of our clients.
Above all, we consider ourselves to be investors. KLM Holdings has unshakeable faith in our investment philosophy and the expertise that espouses it. We invest in the same investments we recommend to our clients.

We attract and retain the best and brightest

Our senior staff is made up of a diverse team of experienced investment professionals, portfolio managers and support personnel who are passionate and inspired by the business. Furthermore, we are 100% owned by our employees, which further cements our interests with those of our clients and enables us to pursue specific investment objectives without being hampered by having to meet targets imposed on multi-product, sales driven organizations.

We attract and retain the best and brightest

KLM Holdings have an intense commitment to focus upon the enhancement of our clients’ financial well-being. We are dedicated to clear, open communication and full transparency in our procedures, operations and reporting. We display the utmost respect for each of our clients and regard their affairs with discretion and complete confidentiality.