Our trading operations are only as strong as the research that underpins our recommendations

KLM Holdings’ equity research is a cornerstone of our business. We employ over 30 professional research analysts who, between them, cover more than 400 companies in seven highly-specific industry sectors: Consumer, Energy, Financials, Healthcare, Industrial, Mining & Natural Resources & Technology. Our equity research is disseminated to a continually-growing roster of institutional clients in Asia, Europe and the Americas who appreciate the lengths to which we will go in order to identify and take advantage of compelling niches within the broader sectors we cover.

Many of our institutional clients share our view of the limited upside potential of many of the large-cap stocks that so many of our competitors tend to focus almost all their efforts on.

Our research efforts are not limited only to the industry sectors and the specific growth companies we cover; we also look deeply at supply chains and we understand how developments elsewhere can impact upon the profitability of our growth companies and their stocks.

Finally, so that we may better enable our clients to contextualize the sheer volume of research data we produce, our top experts and chief economist also comment extensively in financial market publications, news portals, and cable television broadcasts.